LG 7.3 Cu. Ft. White Front Load Electric Steam Dryer – DLEX3070W Review


LG 7.3 Cu. Ft. White Front Load Electric Steam Dryer – DLEX3070W

Looking to buy the LG DLEX3070W? Read our Review here first!

Hi everyone. Today we will be talking about the new LG 7.3 cubic foot front loading electric steam dryer, the DLEX3070W. We purchased this dryer as our old one has long gone past the point of being repaired, and the kids washing piles are growing larger and larger by the day. We used to have to put in the wet clothes we needed sooner rather than later, as there wasn’t a whole lot of room in our old dryer and overfilling it would remove all of its heat and effectiveness. We’d then have to hang out the rest of the clothes and any pillows or blankets on the clothes-line and just hope they would dry.

Not any more. This machine is an absolute innovation in clothes dryers. For starters, we can fit our entire family’s washing in there in one load, with room left over. It is massive! Not only that, our drying time has gone from almost 2 hours to just 30 minutes. It features some helpful steam options, meaning your clothes are less wrinkled when they come out, and pillows and blankets can go in and come out fresh and clean. Your clothes don’t over-dry and become warn out as the dryer has a built in sensor that can detect when there is no more moisture in the clothes, and shuts itself off, saving your power bill too. We have used ours quite a lot over the past month but from what I can see we have already saved about $30 on our bill. It’s paying for itself!

Not only is the DLEX3070W great, it is quite attractive and very quiet, until it plays its catchy little tune to let you know it is already finished. The one downside I have found to this dryer is that when you are doing a large dense load, (such as pillows / blankets / towels) the sensor in the machine can sometimes think there is no moisture left and shut itself off, only for you to open it and find it still slightly damp on the inside. This is easy to counter though, as you can turn the sensor off for the dense loads and just set a manual timer instead.

We were comparing this dryer to the similar older model LG DLEX2650, but actually found that we could get the DLEX3070W for the same price, so it was a no brainer for us. The DLEX2650 is said to use a little less power to save you some money, but for the same price we went for the DLEX3070W because of its great reviews, and they were right! We are extremely happy with our new LG 7.3 cubic foot front loading electric steam dryer, the DLEX3070W.

LG DLEX3070W – Best Price & More Information

The Best & Cheapest Price:


LG 7.3 Cu. Ft. White Front Load Electric Steam Dryer – DLEX3070W

To begin with, we looked online for a rough idea of pricing of the DLEX3070W. We had done our research and knew this was the best product for us, but still wanted the best price. We then went into department stores to find the closest price so we wouldn’t have to pay for shipping, but the prices were much higher than we found online and we didn’t know how we were going to get this jumbo dryer home.

We looked around online some more and found that a lot of people were referring this product to Amazon, so we followed their link and found that we could actually get the DLEX3070W for much cheaper than anywhere else, with shipping!

At the moment it is discounted, and is the same price as the older LG model the DLEX2650. As soon as we saw that, our minds were made and we bought it. The shipping was fast and convenient and we love dealing with Amazon as they are secure and professional.

We bought ours from Here.


  • 144 pounds
  • 29.8 x 27 x 38.7 inches
  • 7.3 Cu. Ft. Ultra Large Capacity with NeveRust Stainless Steel Drum
  • Do laundry a little less often.
  • With 7.3 cubic feet of capacity, this dryer handles really large loads, saving you time and energy.
  • 12 Drying Programs
  • 5 Temperature Settings


  • TrueSteam Technology
  • A lot of those drying headaches can be a thing of the past.
  • TrueSteam Technology generates real steam to reduce wrinkles and odors, and practically eliminates the need for ironing.
  • SteamFresh Cycle
  • Late for the party and no time to iron your favorite outfit?
  • The SteamFresh Cycle refreshes and reduces wrinkles in up to five garments at a time with one 20-minute dryer cycle.
  • SteamSanitary Cycle
  • ReduceStatic Option
  • EasyIron Option
  • Sensor Dry System
  • Precise Temperature Control with Variable Heat Source
  • LoDecibel Quiet Operation
  • SmartDiagnosis
  • 3 Minute Installation Check
  • FlowSense Duct Clogging Indicator
  • Wrinkle Care Option
  • Anti-Bacterial Option
  • Damp Dry Signal

Stylish Design:

  • Upfront Electronic Control Panel with Dual LED Display and Dial-A-Cycle
  • Large Chrome Rimmed Glass Door with Dark Blue Tinted Cover
  • Reversible Door
  • Stackable with Matching Washer (Stacking Kit Sold Separately)
  • Optional Matching Drawer Pedestal

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